Maintaining a car service routine not only ensures your vehicle is functioning at its best, but it also helps with a lot of additional things. Getting your car serviced at specific intervals can find out the parts that may be damaged or in a dangerous condition. Therefore allowing these to be repaired or replaced before the issue gets too serious. If your vehicle is under warranty, getting your car a log book service is essential.

In the long run, servicing your vehicle regularly will help save you money. Leaving it too long will likely result in parts being in potential danger and causing severe and expensive damage. Having an up-to-date car service history can also help with insurance when you need to find the value of your car and adds additional value to the vehicle if you plan on selling it at a later date.

Did you know VW Techniques is a Mobile Mechanic? Meaning we come to you at a time and location that suits you best.

If you have any questions about arranging a vehicle service on your VW, Audi or Skoda, or to book your service, contact us on 1300 290 604 or email

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