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Updated: May 12, 2021

Getting your car serviced at regular interval times is essential to maintain it in good condition and increase its lifespan. There are a number of different types of car services that you need to get done after specific intervals of time to ensure that your car continues to run at its peak performance.

The simplest way to find out how often you should get your car serviced is to check your owner's manual or get in contact with VW Techniques who will be able to assist.


There are typically four types of car services:

Lube Service

Interim car service

Full car service

Major car service

Lube Service: Is a basic service that only requires the engine oil, oil filter, & drain plug washer to be replaced.

Interim car service is known as a ‘basic service that includes an (incl: Oil Change, Oil Filter, Reset Service Lights, 35 Point Inspection). This service provides a thorough check on all safety items such as: tyres, brakes, wiper blades, vehicle lights etc, and checks if everything is running smoothly. It is advisable to get this service done at regular intervals especially for older and more frequently driven cars.

Full car service is a more thorough service and can include (Oil Change

Oil Filter, Air Filter, 50 Point Inspection, Brake Fluid flush, Measure Brake Components, Battery test, charging system test, starting system test, Reset Service Lights) This is done to check for any wear and tear in the vehicle and includes checks like engine checks, brakes, tyres, suspension and more.

Major car service is the most thorough service. This service provides a thorough check of the entire car and includes (Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, 80 Point Inspection, Brake Fluid flush, Measure Brake Components, Battery test, charging system test, starting system test, Reset Service Lights, External Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Spark Plugs, Full Diagnostic Scan, transmission oil change NOTE only applies to serviceable transmissions, ## Tooth belt replacement may be required additional cost will apply)


Lube Service: every 12months/10000km or 15000km on vehicles where long-life engine oil is recommended.

Interim car service should be completed once every 6 months. This will include an oil and filter change and lubrication if required. Even if you have been skipping this service after getting a new car, it is super important to complete this as your vehicle becomes older or is being driven more.

Full car service is an inspection car service that ensures all the important systems and adjustments are in place. It’s required every 24months or every 2nd service, if you’re a high mileage driver and it’s still not been a 24month but have driven 30,000km, you should go for this service.

Major car service can be done after every 60000km. This is a complete in-depth check and includes all the checks in the full services, plus some additional checks. It examines the entire car which is not very frequently required but advisable to complete to ensure the car maintains its peak performance.

If you have any questions about which service your vehicle requires, or to book your service with our mobile mechanic, contact us on 1300 290 604 or email

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